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Koi Dragon
Whoo boy, this one's taken me a while...about 1 1/2, 2 years to be exact, but finally it's done! Well worth it though! I'm extremely proud of how it turned out, and despite the length of time it's taken I would definitely do it all again, because it was so satisfying to see all the scales slowly building up into a 3D picture, and to know that the time I spent painting each individual scale, blending all the colours with the tiniest brush possible, and just generally slaving away over it has produced what I can happily say is one of my best pieces of work to date, even though I've never done an underwater scene before ^^
Done using acrylics that haven't been watered down, in about 4-5 hour slots over 1 1/2 or 2 years whenever I had time.  
Sunset Mothagon
Wheeeee it's finally done! I've been really wanting to upload this for a while, but until the other day it was still unfinished, and I don't really like doing WIP pieces unless it's a really complex piece like my painting (which I'm almost done with as well).
I did this one as something to break up the monotony of my koi dragon painting, as that's been going on for over a year now, and also because I want to keep my sketching/shading skills up to scratch. I didn't know what to do at first, but a note from someone asking if they could use one of my moth wing drawings and cross them with dragon wings as a tattoo sparked my imagination, and this is the end result.
I wanted to do a draconic version of a moth that was incredibly colourful, as I hadn't done a really bright piece involving nearly all my pencils in a while, and whilst searching I happened upon the Madagascan Sunset Moth. It's extremely beautiful, with its colours changing depending on the light...and its also poisonous, so it was a no-brainer in choosing that one to copy.
I tried to make it as close a cross between the two animals as possible, which is why the mothagon has six legs, a really long neck, and wings that go from draconic to moth about halfway up.
I had so much fun doing this piece, as I was able to really push the limits of my pencils - I had to order 3 new black pencils as, to get the kind of richness of colour I wanted, I'd been pressing really hard, and haf gone through my only one in the first half of the front wing ^^' This took my about...ooh, I think it's about 30 hours in total? Somewhere around there, as I had to be really precise with the colours on the wings, and the scales on the stomach forced me to work really slowly. I still don't like the chalk background, and clouds can go and do one...but overall I really love this piece. Pushed my perspective skills to their limits, and kept me busy for a good while. Now, on to the next one!
Daymeran Head Views
More drawing practice for people, again with a character from my story. He was good fun to draw, and the side view actually barely too me any time to get done, which was surprising considering I'm still not great at it. I also did some sketches of his crowns, mainly to fill in some of the empty space, but also to show what they actually look like under that unruly fringe of his XD
These ones took a little less time than the others to complete, as I think I'm starting to get the hang of how to draw people's faces without making them look horribly twisted haha. Still gonna take a while longer before I'm as confident with it as I am with dragons...and then I've got to start trying to do full body sketches :o (Eek) 
Wren Head Views
More people practice with another character from my story ^^ He was pretty fun to draw, mainly because he's perpetually angry, much like myself, so it was easy to get that emotion across XD I still don't really like how the 3/4 head view turned out, but that's always going to be an awkward one for me to do as I still can't do it well even when I'm drawing a dragon.
These took about an hour each to get right, and then a few more minutes on each about a day later because there was always something I didn't quite like, or something that just didn't look normal and needed fixing. There probably still is a lot of that, but I really can't be bothered to fix it - that's what a complete re-draw when I actually get better at drawing people is for XD
Nixana Head Views
Been quite a while since I uploaded something, and I'd just finished these, so thought why the hell not ^^
These are some head sketches of a character from something I'm writing, both for the purpose of getting a better idea of what she looks like and to help practice my drawing of people, which I'm still pretty bad at to be honest. These turned out pretty good though, if I do say so myself - I'm particularly happy with the side on view, which, which was surprisingly easy to do once I got the placement of everything right. I changed the hairstyle and the expression each time just to push myself a bit more, and to illustrate my OC's more common moods, which was quite fun to do ^^ Still need to practice more though XD
These took about an hour or so each to get right, and another few minutes of faffing around with them after that just to get everything how I wanted it to look. No stealing this OC of mine please :)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Birthday '15th fella (Badges)  Ok, as everyone else is doing it, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon as well. So, here's my answers to the questionnaire!

How Long have you been on Deviantart?:
 I've been on here for just over three years now, but would have been on here longer if my computer from about four years ago had let me come on here and not blocked it for no apparent reason -_-

What does your username mean?: My username, Devicorn, is a combination of the words Devil and Unicorn, and has always been my moniker on the interwebs. I chose it because one of my favourite animals is the unicorn, but I didn't want to call myself something so...well, ordinary when it came to names. So I thought hey, why not put a twist on things and make it into a Devil-unicorn? I've always been a bit of an evil one anyway *laughs evilly*Nightmare Fredbear  Also, I thought it was rather fitting for the avatar I subsequently drew myself:
    Devicorn head view by Devicorn

Describe yourself in three words:
Hmmm....Impatient, Curious and Dreamer/Fantasist.

Are you left or right handed?: Right, but thinking of trying to become ambidextrous.

What was your first Deviation?: Oh jeez, I actually can't remember ^^' Lemme just have a looksee...ahh, here it is! My first Deviation was this:

   Purple Dragon by Devicorn

....god damn that's so bad nowthat I look back at it...but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

What is your favourite type of art to create?: Traditional art, by a long shot....because it's really the only art I can do Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness. To be honest, though, even if I could do other types of art reasonably well, I'd still always favour traditional, as nothing can quite beat the physicality of traditional art, of being able to feel the piece you've just created rather than having it behind a screen or printed on a piece of paper, where both perfections and imperfections cannot truly brush against your skin...sorry, that's the writer in me talking ^^'

If you could instantly master a different art style style, what would it be?: Digital art, both because of the fact I see so many amazing deviations created using that media - deviations that are oftentimes from or about games/characters I absolutely love, like this (not mine in any way):

  Anivia Volcanic Rebirth - League of Legends by o0dzaka0o
and because there's really no other style I think I'd be suited to actually using. I've tried a little bit of it, though, and god, I'm so bad XD

What was your first favourite?: ...Damn it, now I look really bad....I can't remember again Sweating a little.... Lemme just go look....Ahh yeah, I remember this one:

    Glass orb by Static-ghost 

It was the first Daily Deviation I saw after I'd set up my account, and I just had to favourite it. Not only because it has a dragon in it, but because it's just so colourful, and the animation is pretty damn good. Kudos to the creator - I wish I could do something half as cool as that XD

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?: I've had a quick nose about my favourites, and it seems to be mainly digital art - I really do admire anyone who can create scenes that look real from basically nothing -, but other than that there's not really a theme other than fantasy, and even that is a bit of a shaky guess. I think I tend to favourite things that catch my eye and imagination, make me laugh out loud or bring a tear to my eye, be it small sketches, huge, room spanning pieces, or even little snippets of stories or drawings of characters from the games I play. Just anything that really speaks to me in some way.
Elemental - Fire by artorifreedom    Steampunk Dragon by kerembeyit  Nursery by Tolkyes  I'm still beautiful by littlerobin87Bleach 502: Forgive Me. by NanFe Faustin by imtl  So This Is GoodbyE by MRBee30  Autopilot Orc-slaying by Xmas-freak-hikaru The Fifth Horseman“I'm not saying they're not killing each other,” I explain. “I can see from the figures in front of me that they're killing each other. What I'm saying is that unless you can broaden your demographic, we're never going to meet our targets for this quarter. This is supposed to be a world war, Belgium and the Netherlands isn't going to cut it.”
War squawks at me down the phone. It's hard to hear him over all the screaming in the background, but frankly I'm not interested in his excuses, I need to see results.
“What do I expect you to do? Do your job! Think outside the box! Look, Famine is in Europe right now, why don't you ask him for some help? I see the potential for synergy there. No, I'm aware you don't do 'asking for help'. I'm also aware of your performance over the past century, and I'm noticing some startling correlation between- hello? Hello?”
I slam the handset back into its cradle, which is a lot harder than it sounds when done from the back

Who is your all time favourite artist?: Gah, that's a hard one (that's what she said (insert sausage joke here)  ). There are some many artists whose work I love, and I don't think I can really chose just one person. If I really had to, though, I'd probably say :iconnanfe: or :iconblackstorm: . NanFe because of her truly unique style of digital painting, which is emotive and expressive in a way I wish I could emulate, and blackstorm both because of just how good she is with a pencil (seriously, go check her art out, I promise you'll be blown away by how amazing it is) and because of the fact that most of her art is Bleach oriented - and you guys should know just how much I love Bleach (the manga and anime, not the detergent)Renji Chibi 

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?: I honestly have no idea XD There are legitimately too many people to chose from, each and every one of them giving me some reason or another to want to meet them XD

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?: Well, back in 2013 when I was really, really ill - I could have died quite easily had I not gone to ICU, because I had toxic shock (There's a journal of mine somewhere explaining exactly what happened, go have a look if you're are a bit morbid and want to know the gruesome details) - :iconepifex: , a good friend of mine who also happens to be one of the best artists I have the pleasure of knowing, did a pretty damn funny, but also lovely, little animation get well thing for me, which is here:

                                                   Get Well Soon or Else by Epifex

Not only did this give me half of the watchers (shout out to all you lovely people) and half of the favourites I have now, but it gave me something to smile about during my arduous and extremely tiring two month recovery. And it also gave me, no jokes, 120 comments with ducks in them. And I'm still getting spammed with ducks occasionally even now XD So here's to you, Epifex, for being a great artist and a caring friend, who seems to think I like being spammed with ducks! Hug  

What are your preferred tools to create art?: :cute pencil: :pencillove:Need I say anymore (apart from the fact that I like coloured pencils just as much)?

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?: Well, I do most of my drawing up in my room or in our dining room, the former because it's away from the family, private, and that's where I have my alarm clock that my iPod can hook up to and blast music from almost as loud as I want Headbang! , the latter only if the paper I'm working on is too big to fit in the small space in my room I reserve for drawing - so anything above A3 in size. Out of the two, my room is the more inspirational, as all the books I've bought (mainly fantasy), all my figurines and toys (yes, I still have toys), and most of my old art is in there...but it's not truly inspirational. Now, if I had a house in a place like this:

The Storm by JForbes1701
...well, that would be my idea of heaven, in both an artistic and general sense XD

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?: Umm...again, too many to chose from. If I really had to chose, though, it would probably be when I gained my first +fav. Having someone favourite your work gives you a real boost - it shows that it's not just you who appreciates your art.

Well, there you go then - my DeviantArt Questionnaire! I hope you guys enjoyed finding out a bit more about me, and that you'll also do this questionnaire, even if it's only for fun XD 


Devicorn's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Yay, my computer finally let me on here XD First things first; I LOVE to draw any fantasy creature, mainly dragons, and will do so in any spare time I have (that is if I'm not trying to write a bit of my story). I cannot draw people, and any that I do turn out looking pretty weird, but I am going to rectify that as soon as I can with a how to draw people book :) I love bands like My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars and Black Veil Brides, and went to see the first two at Reading Festival 2011 (my first festival ever). I love the colour midnight blue, as this is the colour of the night sky, and I sit outside on my windowsill every clear night to stargaze. I hate people who are complete fakers, and tend to argue a lot with people I don't like or who don't like me. And last but not least, my favourite saying in life is "Don't regret anything you do, cos in the end, it makes you who you are." Also, I will do requests, so long as it's an animal of some kind (once I learn how to draw people without failing epically, I will do people requests), has nothing it and uses traditional materials as I don't have photoshop :( So talk to me, I won't bite ;)


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